Everything You Need to Know About Soul Urge Number 7

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Everything You Need to Know About Soul Urge Number 7

In life, we often wish to achieve many things. But do our wants and desires align with our purpose of life? If you are stranded without any clue of your life desires, you need to discover your soul urge number. Your Soul Urge number (heart’s desire number) will give you a revelation of what you yearn for in life. In fact, the soul number will give you an insight into your dreams and ideas you desire in life. Moreover, it will reveal your strengths, likes, and dislikes. Read more here to learn about soul urge number 7.

Do you possess the soul urge number 7 in your life prominently? Do you know the meaning of this amazing number? If not yet, I recommend you to do so. The good news is that in this article you will get all that you need to know about soul number 7 and its readings. Take your time and read up to the end.

Calculating Soul Urge Number

The soul number is calculated using the corresponding vowel numerical values of your birth name. These vowels are A, E, O, I, U, and sometimes Y and W. The numerical values of your full name are added together to give a specific soul urge number which represents your inner self and your heart desires. It is therefore important to discover your soul number in order to know what affects your life. Do you wish to figure out your soul urge number? The best way is to use our soul urge calculator.

What is the Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning?

These individuals are born seekers and philosophers. Additionally, they have a strong intuition. Not to mention their high intellectual levels.

What are Soul Urge Number 7 Positive and Negative Traits?

The positive side of these individuals is that they are idealistic dreamers and desire to gain knowledge and wisdom. They are dedicated to succeed in the business field. Also, they have an analytical approach of things and they learn to use their mind rather than their physical being.

On the negative side, these people are timid to people they don’t know very well. Additionally, they don’t easily adapt to new environments.

In conclusion, discovering soul urge number is essential. This is because it is through the soul number that we get the insight of our heart desires and motivations. While we do make our research the best possible, the best way to study about your soul urge number would be to get your personalized numerology report.


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