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Have you discovered numerology number 12 meaning yet? If you haven’t yet discovered the amazing world of numerology numbers, I dare you to try. Why let others control your future when you can control it yourself? Discover your fate with numerology readings. If you are a newbie to numerology, worry not because by the end of this article you will get to know everything about numerology number 12 meaning and secrets.

The good news about being born on the 12th or being born in December is that you are accompanied by angel guides on your side. This angel is ready to give the necessary support and advice that you need. As you get to learn more about numerology, don’t miss out on free personalized numerology report.

Amazing facts about master number 12.

Numbers, 1 and 2 compose master number 12. The 1 is a prime number and is associated with determination and self-sufficiency. Additionally, life number 1 is perfect, loves harmony, achiever, and independent. On the other hand, number 2 revolves around relationships. Moreover, it is diplomatic, cooperative, and romantic. Number 12 can be reduced to 3 by addition 1+2. Numerology number 3 is associated with creative expression. Therefore, when we see number 12 we can think of it as number 3.

Here’s good news for you if you want to know numerology number 12 meaning. Powerful and energetic you are. Moreover, you are ambitious to push the boundaries. In fact, people seek out advice from you as they completely trust you.

The master number 12 people are materialistic. They find lavish surroundings attractive. They believe that happiness and suffering have a great deal toward achieving life fulfilments. This thinking gives them strength and energy to face life challenges in an easy manner.

Master number 12 individual require someone by their side to give them assistance when need be. These individuals like bright, happy and independent people.

Another thing you need to know about numerology number 12 meaning is that these individuals have inquiring minds and like mental stimulation. They are attractive to people and they are knowledgeable about the world and the people in it. They are secretive when it comes to their insecurities and hardly accepts disappointments. For those of you who wish to get personal numerology report, here’s good news for you. While we do make our research the best possible, the best way to study about your personal numerology would be to get your personalized numerology report.

Life Number 12 Destiny.

Individuals with life number 12 are capable of doing many things competently. They are powerful and they carry out their work professionally. These people are friendly. Although, sometimes they can be shy.

Additionally, they love home decorations, arts, and crafts. Men like building tools while women love paintings and ceramics. They fancy entertainment. So, if you intend to seize their attention, spend on outings and jewelry.

What is the symbolic numerology number 12 meaning?

Number 12 is associated with a threatening ‘card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, known as The Hanged Man’. This card is closely connected to two types of energy that individuals ought to handle on their spiritual journey: ‘sacrifice and the inner conflict arising from the divergent energies that move through all of nature’.

Both number 12 and The hanged man associated with the sign of Pisces, a water sign. Two fish swimming in opposite directions represents Pisces. This is symbolic of the emotional conflicts encountered by individuals with this sign in their life path.

The hanged man symbolizes the path towards enacting the creative energy associated with root number 3, which 12 reduces to once we have reconciled out inner conflict. To overcome the inner conflict inherent in life master number 12, we need to know numerology number 12 meaning to get in touch with the conflicting sides so that we can work with the conflicting energies.

Biblical Numerology Number 12  Meaning

The Bible has used master number 12 abundantly. This number has a special meaning in the bible as it symbolizes perfection and authority. Here is the numerology number 12  meaning as used in the bible. Israel had 12 tribes. This symbolizes the completeness of the Israel nation. Moreover, Jesus had 12 disciples who afterward came to be the 12 apostles. Additionally, the New Jerusalem has 12 gates mannered by 12 angels. The 12 tribes of Israel have been named after these gates. Also, number 12 is a symbol of material and spiritual food, because of the 12 pieces of bread broken by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper.

Number 12 as Encountered in Our Life.

Life path number 12 is part and parcel of our every day’s experience. We encounter this number two times a day on our clock, every month and every year all through to December, and frequently in the form of prices as we undertake our daily endeavors. Therefore, we ought to know numerology number 12 meaning. That said, we can’t take this appearance just to be coincidental- there is something more than that. It could symbolize our merciless inner conflict. When we are struggling with our severe inner conflict, it does not necessarily mean that we will be effective in the outer world. Therefore, when we encounter master number 12 in our relevant experiences, it could point out that we need to overcome our inner conflict to realize our true creative potentials.


In conclusion, life number 12 individuals are spiritual and they are more likely to co-create their karma since they possess strong feeling associated with the energies surrounding them. This makes them be selfless helpers and spiritual teachers. Some go an extra mile by giving up their beliefs and comfort zones just to achieve their desired spiritual enlightenment. Moreover, number 12 symbolizes perfection, completeness, and authority prescribed by God to mankind.

However, life number 12  people face intense inner conflict which they need to overcome in order to realize their potentials in life. Remember this is just a glimpse of numerology. While we do make our research the best possible, the best way to study about your personal numerology would be to get your personalized numerology report.

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